5 Dark Beers you should try

Martin Entwistle, founder of All About The Beer, shares his thoughts on 5 of the best Dark Beers that he thinks you should try.

1) Siren Hard Pour Broken Dream (6.5% ABV)

The beer recommended by the brewers at Siren, hard pour because you throw it in the glass quickly, and Nitro because it is dosed with Nitrogen for a super smooth mouthfeel. This is chocolatey treat with a hint of coffee and near impossible not to love.


2) Theakston's Barista (4.2% ABV)

If you thought Theakson's can only do English bitter then this Stout is sure to change your mind. It delivers a complex mix of vanilla, caramel and dark fruits on top of the big coffee hit. Infused with Nitrogen for a smooth finish this 


3) Tooth and Claw Gelato Torpedo (10.5% ABV)

This is a thick and luxurious imperial stout. Described as Belgian waffle there are flavours of vanilla, chocolate and maple syrup. It's not cheap and it's not weak but it is a real treat


4) Siren Origin Story (10% ABV)

Yes, another Stout from Siren but only because they are so good at dark beers. This one is quite different from Broken Dream and is described as one of the most ambitious recipes the brewers have ever attempted. A big beer to be enjoyed slowly.


5) Woodforde's Albion Cream Stout (4.8% ABV)

Coming in with a more accessible ABV Albion is a distinctive smooth and creamy, balanced stout. It is laced with chocolate and rich fruit flavours to give the decadence a good stout should provide

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